Evening meetings begin at 8pm in the Village  Centre. Hillsborough

8 September 2018 Autumn Show in the Village Centre.

26 September 2018  Dave Hardy, Esker Farm Daffodils My Daffodil Story

31 October 2018  Heather Smyth,  The Flowers of Samos

28 November 2018  Jilly Dougan, ‘Edible Gardens’   Gardening without Backache

5 December 2018 Christmas Social Event.

30 January 2019 Trevor Edwards, Garden Design Consultancy, Gardens and Gardening from     Randalstown to New Zealand

27 February 2019 Tom Canning,  Planting for Honey Bees

March 2019 Ann FitzSimmons,  Uncommon Garden Company, Dismiss not the Humble Annual

Followed by Annual General Meeting.

13 April 2019 Spring Show in the Village Centre, Hillsborough.

26th June  Evening visit to Ballyedmond Gardens