The Hillsborough Horticultural Society was founded in 1948 with the aim of uniting people who had a common interest in horticulture.

The Committee of the Society is responsible for planning and organising the programme of events aimed at achieving the Society’s objective. An interesting and broad-ranging annual programme of activities is arranged with a view to covering as wide a variety of relevant topics as possible.

Over the years the Society has grown and now has a varied programme throughout the year, comprising monthly meetings, a Spring Show, garden visits and an Autumn Show

The Society meets for monthly meetings from September to March in The Village Centre, Hillsborough at 8pm.

Any person may apply to become a member of the Society on payment of an annual subscription, currently £10 for an individual or £15 for a family. Payment can be in cash at the monthly meeting or by standing order through your bank.

Visitors are welcome to attend any of our events –  and hopefully will decide to become members

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